Our Rooms

The outside of Glenholme is dignified and impressive. We wanted to give the interior back something of its original dignity and unique period character, too. It is a home and a business so it has to be functional, but we wanted it to be comfortable and interesting as well. We felt the interiors should reflect something of the era of the house’s heyday. The Hall gives a sense of the early years of the 20th century. Victorian club armchairs sit alongside stacks of antique leather luggage and framed photographs from the Raj era, harking back to the colonial Indian hill stations of the past. The Library, with its book-lined walls also has a traditional feel to it – a comfortable place to relax by the fire. Each of our four bed and breakfast rooms are named after a political figure from the Victorian and Edwardian era. The whole atmosphere recalls the house’s history but lives very much in the modern age.